RSSPoster_PRO_2014: Use RSS Feeds to Auto-Publish Content to your WordPress Site

RSSPoster_PRO_2014 is the best plugin for you. I’m using this plugin to auto get new feed from another site. This is imaging plugin. I edited this plugin to improve some feature. Now this is latest version in 2014:

rssposter_pro_2014-use-rss-feeds-to-auto-publish-content-to-your-wordpress-siteLatest Feature:

– Auto get content from another site to your wordpress site
– Auto remove all “<a>” tag in the content
– Auto set feature image


– Simple to install with an easy to use interface
– Extract full articles from chosen RSS feeds
– Unlimited RSS feeds
– Remove duplicate articles
– Optional image cache (keep a local copy)
– Specify maximum number of articles to retrieve per feed update
– Specify number of hours between feed updates
– Specify article posting status per feed (publish or draft)
– Publish articles immediately or schedule them periodically in the future
– Rewrite individual feeds (synonym replacement)
– Export/import feeds data
– Customize time interval between publishing of each feed
– Control how often all feeds will automatically be processed and updated
– Optional cron job (requires cron job support on your host or an external service)
– Tags support
– Category support
– Feed activity log

* You can use “Simple Tags” plugin to auto create tags for the post

Link download: